We offer various training courses to help individuals cope with situations where their personal safety may be at stake. These training sessions are open to Police, Fire, Ambulance, Security personnel and the general public.


Commonly known as "self- defense" training, we offer courses for kids, teens and women of all ages. In today's world, although we hope that no one will ever need what they learn in a self-defense class, this kind of knowledge can sometimes make the difference between being able to get away from a bad situation, and not.

Our courses are practical lessons on personal safety and awareness and teach confidence and skill to our students.

Statistics indicate that some demographic groups, such as seniors, women and children, are more vulnerable than others to assaults causing injury.  If you are a member of one of these groups, your potential vulnerability may have affected your activities due to fear. Vulnerability and fear need not become a way of life! While no one’s safety can be completely guaranteed, with the proper training you can acquire the skills to survive an attack.

Quality Security Training Services will provide you with these skills by increasing your level of awareness and by instructing you in the techniques of active defense.  Being mentally and physically prepared will give you the necessary level of confidence to face an uncomfortable situation.

Click here for general safety tips to increase awareness in a variety of situations.

Edged Weapon Defense Techniques

Winning Minds A.C.E. Techniques, Controlled Blade Concepts and Martial Blade Concepts

Training in how to defend yourself against knife and needle attacks.

  • Avoid – move off the path of the knife, or penetrate to intercept the path.
  • Control – control the delivery system (the knife arm).
  • Eliminate – eliminate the threat by attacking vision/wind/limbs.

This course is open to Police, Fire, Ambulance, Security and the general public.

Winning Minds Groundfighting Techniques

This course is geared towards police, ambulance, fire and security personnel, and is also available to the general public. This course teaches you how to defend against one or multiple attackers and includes both classroom and hands-on practice.

This system IS:

  • A system based on simple concepts of balance, power and mobility anyone can employ from the ground.
  • A system designed for defeating violent assaults against a person who is on the ground.
  • A system that is easy to learn
  • A system that works regardless of whether the subject is still on their feet, or on the ground with the defender.
  • A system that can be used to defeat multiple assailant confrontations where the defender ends up on the ground.